Adini is a classic British boutique womenswear brand that is dedicated to making the women of today feel and                                 look beautiful. Adini was created by M.D Subhash Sachdev in India in 1966.

                               Born on the streets of Delhi where the colours, culture,

brightness and zest for life influenced the range as it continues to do so today.

Adini is a sanskrit word meaning ‘the original one’ and he was one of the first

manufacturers to export clothes from India for the western fashion market.

He first started exporting to America which was hugely successful and then launched

in London in 1978.

Those were the heady days of 70’s hippie fashion, when he brought kaftans, smocked

dresses and gypsy blouses in true bohemian style.

Thirty five years later, Adini has evolved to be one of the most successful boutique

brands in the UK, producing consistently high quality creative collections.

We are specialists in natural fabrics, textured weaves and beautiful signature prints.

We started with the premise of a solid manufacturing base, excellent quality and value,

 and impeccable customer service. Those ethics are as strong today as they were then

and our large and loyal customer base continues to enjoy a level of quality and service

that is second to none.

Adini is committed to fair trade, protection of the environment and the welfare of our workers. When you buy clothes from Adini you can feel confident that you are buying from an extremely ethical Company.

Adini has consistently evolved to meet the changes and challenges of the fashion industry, and today Adini is exported to countries all over the world.

Our longevity, experience and unique style, makes Adini one of the safest and most reliable choices for your business, guaranteeing quality, style and value.

The unexpected eclectic mix of merchandise, bespoke. individual and only to be found at Crundles!! Mail: 80 Brynymor Road,  Swansea SA1 4JE  Tel 07865894665
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